David Partiel and why Questions are so important

If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.

William Edwards Deming


Have you considered what the outcome might be if you ask a question in a different way? Most brilliant ideas are derived from simple ideas.

The most exciting example that pops up in my head is the most simplest one. Sticky notes. Do you know how that was invented? well a group of scientists in the 70s or 80s wanted to make a sticky substance that wont ever come off. Accidently they made a substance that sticked for a temporary like the material we find behind our sticky notes. The guy thought it was useless. Then after so many month of trying to convince it might be worth something, he put it on paper and started drawing diagram of ideas used. Then one day his friend saw it and came up with the idea of using their creation to fuel innovation and idea through sticky notes.


Point of the story is that the scientist realized that he needed to look at substance differently to make use of it. Asked the different correct question.

David Partiel – 4th of July Weekend

So 4th of july has come along now and many of us have decided that its time to take a 4 day weekend and rest ourselves. Some will enjoy the long weekend with junk food and tv. I hear USA and Fx have great reruns of old movies that relate to the independence and what not.

As you may know, my strategy in life is to look for opportunities where others have over looked and begin by addressing key aspects for success. As a member of the los angeles community, me (DAVID PARTIEL) strive to teach others the meaning of success.

What i recommend for those who do have the wonderful 4 day weekend is to take a change to look at some of the basic ideas i address in my blog, The 4 day weekend can be a blessing for those that use the time wisely. Improving on the basic ideas that people can influence others, and people want to be influenced by those who are alpha leaders. This weekend, take the time to venture offer and speak to 10 people that might be interested in your product. Do not attempt to sell them on anything. Make sure to mention the positives of your product and give them the room to make their own decisions. See how they react. Write it in a journal and if you need be, post a comment!


Thank you all and have a wonderful 4th of july.

Albert Einstein & David Partiel

Today’s topic of choice is Albert Einstein and how he became the man he is today. Do you think negativity stopped him? do believe he would give up the 20th time he failed. Normally, people have a small window for opportunity and and the opportunity comes and goes and yet the person is not effected. What would you say brings a person to pass up on an opportunity? The simple idea that people are meant to succeed and if you try hard enough, you will find your way in life! give it your all and see how the universe brings in Joy and success.

English: Albert Einstein, official 1921 Nobel ...

English: Albert Einstein, official 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics photograph. Français : Albert Einstein, photographie officielle du Prix Nobel de Physique 1921. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” -Albert Einstein

This morning I woke up and realized..

This morning i woke up and realized that every morning is a blessing. The ability to wake up move, walk, talk and even think is a gift that no one can replace. take that opportunity and do something beautiful. Beautiful things happen to those who bring beauty to this life!

David Partiel

David Partiel and Donald Trump Motivational speakers of the 21st century

“Get going. Move forward. Aim High. Plan a takeoff. Don’t just sit on the runway and hope someone will come along and push the airplane. It simply won’t happen. Change your attitude and gain some altitude. Believe me, you’ll love it up here.”
― Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a good example of what to do to make it in todays society.

Never Give up!

Keep planning your future!

Focus on your Goals!

And strive for excellence in whatever you plan on doing!

Four Key fundamental points to follow when trying to become more successful. Follow David partiel and his practical advice on how to obtain wealth, and luxury with a few easy steps.

Donald Trump in February 2009

Donald Trump in February 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


David Partiel – Sales teams around the World!

In sales, a referral is the key to the door of resistance. – Bo Bennett

David partiel is hiring motivated, highly skilled salesman to promote sales in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Sales teams are the source of any companies income. They bring in money and the value for high quality sales force allows any business to thrive or to fall in any condition. Sales = money and future growth.

Grow with a company and David Partiel


sale (Photo credit: Gerard Stolk (vers l’Été ))

Benjamin Franklin (David Partiel) Thoughts on preparedness

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

David partiel has been providing motivation to those around him for both sales and life improvement. His practices has created some of the most successful individuals in sales and other fields. David Partiels ability to influence others into thinking in a positive manner has allowed him to continuously provide unmatched  results with his sales team and friends and family. 

Living thoughts

Living thoughts (Photo credit: ~FreeBirD®~)